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Seasons of Growth: Embracing Change in the Pacific Northwest

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill

Last night marked the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere, heralding the arrival of spring. Living in the Pacific Northwest's mountainous region, I cherish the distinct seasons we experience here. Winters are notably darker and colder, a time when nature seems to pause, while spring ushers in sunshine and the blossoming of flowers, coinciding with the season's start. Summers bring heightened brightness and vitality.

This past winter, I focused on company growth and deepening connections with the community and myself, a necessity during a season of introspection. Despite living in a ski resort town, the year brought uncharacteristically warm temperatures and rain, reducing snowfall. Nevertheless, late winter snowfall provided excellent conditions, allowing for a shift of focus towards work, including a productive trip to New York City for networking.

Next week, I'll be sworn into the Washington State Bar, looking forward to expanding my presence in Seattle and beyond.

Additionally, my office showcased Jaclyn Eckersley's stunning art, viewable online on her Etsy and Instagram.

This spring promises new opportunities and growth, especially exciting within the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence, as tools like LLM become increasingly integral. As we step into this vibrant season of 2024, I wish everyone renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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