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Autumn Equinox: Summer's Closing Note by Morgan

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall." - Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

I wanted to touch base as today marks the beginning of fall! It's astounding how swiftly this summer passed. The past season for me has centered on renewing bonds with family, the community, and cherished friends.

While I took a step back from posting videos on my YouTube channel, I've also chosen to not pursue a campaign for the Sandpoint City Council seat. This shift came as my wife, Bailey, embarked on her LSAT journey – her gateway to law school – after dedicating over two years at home with Arlo.

We journeyed to Peru with dear friends and discovered that Arlo is quite the seasoned traveler.

This summer also brought transitions in the workplace: my assistant, Bethany Prothro, committed more hours to the firm, while Tim Perry, a brilliant intern from Bates College, joined us. It's a privilege to work with such a team, now spread across three time zones, and to serve my wonderful clients.

This summer I also had the privilege of facilitating the first session for the new Leadership Sandpoint class at Schweitzer, focusing on team building and leadership exercises.

Every day, my practice flourishes. The interactions I have enrich my life immeasurably. My heart overflows with gratitude, and I genuinely believe I'm in the best job I've ever had - all thanks to each of you.

Celebrating autumn has always been a joy for me. Wrapping up in cozy layers, relishing the brisk air, and looking forward to the imminent snow-filled days gives me unparalleled excitement. While summer's warmth invigorates me, there's an inner spark that autumn ignites—perhaps it's a surge of creativity or a deeper, positive reflection. Regardless, I'm elated that today marks the dawn of a new season!

Here's hoping your summer was as memorable as mine, and that you're greeting fall with the same enthusiasm I am!

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