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Fresh Starts and Promising Progress: Hepler LC's March 2023 Update

Hello everyone! It's officially spring, and depending on where you live, it may have already sprung. As I write this, I'm currently on a snowboarding and hot springs trip in British Columbia because I couldn't get enough of winter.

This past winter has been full of exciting new beginnings and positive challenges. It was a transformative season that felt like a little lifetime in itself. In January, I began working full-time for my own practice, Hepler Law & Consulting, PLLC, took on the 75 Hard challenge to work towards my goal of climbing the tallest Pacific Northwest peaks by state, started my Vision Quest project, and began the process of running for Sandpoint City Council. I was also elected president of my Leadership Sandpoint class. Phew!

1. The Beginning of a New Full-Time Practice

To start the year strong, I made the leap to work for my firm, Hepler LC, full-time, and it has been the best job of my life. I have been able to help clients not only locally but also in other states, including Texas, New York, and California, and other countries, including the UK and Greece. It's been very rewarding and exciting to work for each client, and I can't thank my mentors enough for their help in navigating it all.

2. Vision Quest Launch

This season, I also launched my Vision Quest Media project, where I interview business and community leaders on my YouTube channel. The idea is to go on an adventure or to a location of the interviewee's choice while I grill them on their journey to find vision. I just started the project and have one interview out so far with Andrew Hite of Spokane, Washington. I encourage you to check it out, subscribe to my channel, and keep your eyes peeled for more videos to come.

3. Working Toward My Goals

I have a goal of climbing the tallest point in each Pacific Northwest state, and I've already climbed Mt. Borah in Idaho. This winter, I challenged myself to do the 75 Hard challenge to prepare my body for the climbs. It involves 75 days of not drinking alcohol, drinking a gallon of water, doing two exercises for at least 45 minutes each (one must be outdoors), reading at least ten pages of a non-fiction book, and following a diet. It was hard, but it helped a lot.

Part of the challenge included lots of snowboarding, including splitboarding backcountry for the first time, cross-country skiing, running in the snow, walking to work, and just getting outside more than I would have in the winter months. Unfortunately, a splitboarding trip planned to climb Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams was cancelled due to avalanche dangers, but I learned a lot about avalanche safety and mountaineering through my preparation.

4. Running for City Counsel and Local Involvement

I've had a blast getting involved in the local community of Sandpoint, Idaho, as a member and president of my Leadership Sandpoint class. We organized a fundraiser party for an amazing local non-profit, UCAN, on Cinco de Mayo, and I'm running for Sandpoint City Council this year.

Overall, it has been an amazing season full of personal and professional growth. I hope it has been for you, as well. Please stay in touch, and I appreciate you all!

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